Wayne Dixon


I grew up in east London and went along to a London City Mission centre where I first heard stories of Jesus. Aged 12, I made a commitment to Christ at a New Year’s Eve event. I moved to Slough to study with the intention of returning to London to teach. However I stayed got a job in Maidenhead and was invited to visit a school to help start a Christian group. It gradually became clear this was where God was leading, and in 1988 I joined Scripture Union’s staff. I am married to Joyce and we have a son Chris. I love sport, music and following The Arsenal!

Over these 25 years I’ve worked mainly in secondary schools and combine upfront talking about Jesus, RE and curriculum input and what I call ‘hanging around ministries’ This involves spending time with teenagers (and staff) in school getting alongside them, listening to their joys, hopes and fears. This has become more central over time as I find people want to chat and value having someone around. The most significant contribution we can make to our schools is to pray for them. Over recent years churches locally and further afield have developed presentations for schools at Christmas and Easter based in churches. The growth of this has been really exciting.

Senior Schools Wayne currently visits include:

Altwood, Beechwood, Burnham Grammar, Brigidine, Churchmead, Cox Green, Desborough College, Furze Platt Senior, Herschel Grammar, Langley Grammar, Newlands Girls’, Slough Grammar, St. Bernard’s Grammar, St. Joseph’s, Westgate & Windsor Girls’

What people say about Wayne:

 “Wayne being around or 'hanging around' as he calls it has been a huge encouragement to my kids all the while they have been at secondary school. From the early days when they weren't quite sure of their faith they were always pleased to see a friendly, reassuring, smiling face who was non threatening yet 'cool' with their friends.

As they came to personal faith Wayne was a huge encouragement to them to be bold and speak out about their faith to their friends in a way that they knew would be supported and encouraged by Wayne whenever he was around. His amazing personable approach with young people means everyone wants to chat to him!

Wayne has also encouraged our kids to take on leadership roles particularly on SU camps and this has had a huge impact on their own personal faith and leadership development. He has encouraged them to take big steps of faith and supported them all the way…where they are everyday on the 'frontline'. His unassuming work in school is invaluable; it impacts young people and stays with them. He is real and identifies with them where they are”.

Hil Sewell (parent, governor and school administrator)

“I took part in the 'It's Your Move' week during Summer 2012. During this week, I and a number of other youths from the local area went into a number of schools, and ran sessions with year 6 pupils, looking at how we can cope with the transition from primary school to secondary school, and how the bible can help us. This week was not only great fun, but also encouraging and inspiring by showing me the work God does in schools with children and how open and willing the children were to hearing the message of God. Seeing how enthusiastic and excited the children were about the sessions was amazing and it was a great experience. Having schools workers from local churches come into my schools over the years has been great. It always showed me that God works in every part of my life and it provided a gateway to talking to my non-Christian friends about God. It was great being able to hear what it is like following Jesus from someone who actually does, rather than reading it out of a text book!” Lorna Young (Year 12 Pupil Furze Platt)

“For me here, one of the strengths of having a Christian in post, was in relation to LZ7s most recent visit.  The co-ordination of an event that was not denominational, and not church based but rather schools based, but co-ordinating with a range of churches, is the benefit you bring.  I see you as a bridge builder and catalyst for such events.  A key example is that you hold the respect of many local leaders in schools that many would be unsure of in relation to churches, because they often have so little real relationship into the schools”Sashi Sehgal (Head of Humanities at The Westgate School)

You can read more on Wayne's thoughts on being a school worker by downloading this document:

Reflections of a School Worker.